The App has been designed by professional framers, many of them with decades of experience in the industry.

“Keep it simple” is the keynote, leaving you to do your job of talking to clients and making frames. The App is installed on portable devices (phones & tablets) meaning you can give prices on the move at Markets, Fairs and even clients homes. The App can be configured to many different pricing strategies.

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  • 1 Enter size
  • 2 Enter moulding code
  • 3 Choosing glass
  • 3 Choosing mount
  • 4 Total Price
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Enter the rebate size

Enter the moulding code

Choose the mount / glass / sundry options

Tap “Price” ­ that’s it!

Click Previous / Next step for a visual walk-through.

How it works

The App works out the price by adding a variable price onto a base price. For instance if glass was set to 0.3p/sq.Cm., and the glass base price was 350p, the price for a piece 50 x 50 Cm. would be worked out as follows. - 50 x 50 = 2500 sq.Cm. x 0.3 = 750 + 350 = 1100 (ie. £11.00). By varying the variable cost against the base cost there is a fine degree of control over the final price.

All the other prices are worked out in a similar way, then all added together with sales tax, and the final price displayed.

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Download the help PDF

Find out about the App in detail.


Using the mouldings CSV

How to set up a file with your own mouldings in.


Download a blank CSV file

A file already for you to configure



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